_DSC4050-Edit_DSC4047-EditIm coming up on 5 weeks post delivery and anxious to start working out again! Not to necessarily rush into getting back into my skinny jeans but I love how I feel after a good sweat. Theres nothing better! I’m so excited to be partnering with my absolute favorite outdoor wear! This Lululemon outdoor wear  is perfect for the cold winters here in Utah. Made to keep warm , the lycra + fleece is the perfect combat for even the most extreme, cold climates. One thing I can always count on with Lulu is comfort. The lycra provides the perfect stretch for any activity rain or shine!



I’m so anxious to get my heart pumping again!   I have slowly started with walks around the neighborhood but theres nothing wrong with taking it slow, the most important thing is to listen to your body.

My tips to easing back into working:

1- Take it slow, try starting with 15 minutes of walking or stationary bike. Increase the incline on the treadmill or add 10 minutes to your session if you need more intensity.

2- Bring baby, If you’re going to wait for hubby to get home then most likely it won’t happen. Im so exhausted by the time 530 comes around that getting ready to go to the gym is not a priority, my bed is screaming my name !

3- h2O, drink up! If you’re breastfeeding and getting back to exercising its so important to keep up your intake of water to maintain your milk supply and hydration.

4- Pump/feed before, theres nothing worse than looking down at your shirt and realizing you are leaking like faucet..

5- Wear a comfortable bra thats not too tight and provides good support! Most of us have doubled( or tripled!) bra sizes and if you plan on running or doing any demanding exercising you will want a bra that is the right fit!

Some exercise is better than none! Even 10 minutes of moving that post bod will almost instantly boost your mood!


Written by Michelle Maxfield