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It is so hard for me to eat healthy sometimes. Finding healthy food that actually taste good can be tricky… especially recipes that kiddies like. Yes, I have one picky eater at home. Two actually if you include my husband. Luckily Aubrey Niccoli helped us with a 5 day meal plan with suggestions that will not only be delicious, but healthy too. She is letting me share it with all of you!!!!!!!!!! So here it is. You can email her at if you want to hire her for private catering events. I LOVE her cooking!!!!

5 Day Healthy Meal Plan

Option 1
Spring frittata
Loaded veggie baked eggs
Homemade salsa
¼ avocado
Option 2
Greek yogurt
1 cup Fagé greek yogurt
3-4 strawberries, small dice
¼ cup homemade granola + honey (opt.)
Option 3
¾ cup steel cut oats
½ cup unsweetened apple sauce and cinnamon + 1 tbsp. slivered almonds
3 pieces Canadian bacon
Salad + 1 orange
1. Greek steak salad- Herb balsamic vinaigrette
2. Loaded veggie chicken salad- Sesame vinaigrette
3. Strawberry almond spinach salad- Honey poppy vinaigrette
4. Chicken Caesar salad – garlic lemon vinaigrette
5. Buffalo chicken salad –light buffalo blue cheese dressing

Option 1
Raw veggies
Bell peppers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, celery
Homemade hummus

Option 2
1 cup fruit
2 pieces of turkey or cheese
10 almonds
Drinks: infused water with anything like lemon, lime, mint, cucumber

1. Pan seared Mediterranean chicken breast with roasted sweet potato and steamed broccoli
2. Pan seared salmon, arugula with lemon vinaigrette and asparagus
3. Roasted chicken with roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts
4. Lettuce turkey tacos with avocado and Pico de gallo with baked sweet potato fries
5. Spiced garlic sautéed shrimp with sautéed power greens, tomatoes and herbs over spaghetti squash

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Deciding on hair extensions is a commitment and can feel like an investment for many of us so taking special care of them is so important.  One of the key factors in getting extensions is the longeviety of them. I don’t want to spend that $300-500 on extensions only to see them look terrible after a couple months! I have definitely been the victim of bad hair extensions and it was primarily my own doing of not giving the best upkeep. So.. here are some helpful tips to giving you that gorgeous healthy looking hair with extensions!

1- BRUSH YOUR HAIR, you know how you brush your teeth each morning for hygiene? You need to also be brushing your hair as a regular upkeep kind of thing. Start from the bottom as you would, detangling this first and then move up. Be gentle. Pulling will cause breakage and can even pull out the extensions. I recommend the “WET BRUSH“!

2-  WASH WITH CARE, handle your extensions with care when washing. That means using good quality shampoos and conditions. I love R&CO/ORIBE/KEVIN MURPHY

3- LEAVE IN CONDITIONER, A nourishing leave in conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your maintenance routine. Spray it on after you get out of the shower and work your brush in the same downward motion.

4- TIE BACK OR IN BRAID, this is helpful in keeping the extensions from tangling when your sleeping or if you go swimming. I would recommend putting a swimming cap on if going into chlorinated water or salt water! I recked my extensions from beach water(twice! eek)

5-BE INFORMED ON THE TYPE OF EXTENSIONS, are they synthetic or human hair? For maintenance this is really important! With human hair you can color, straighten, curl. While synthetic typically aren’t capable in doing these. Some synthetic extensions can be styled using heat but generally not the case! I always encourage people to go with human hair as it looks more natural and you have more options.

6-DONT USE ALCOHOL PRODUCTS, you shouldn’t use this on your natural hair anyway but especially for extensions because the products will dry them out and cause them to tangle more.

Hope these few little tips and tricks help you out! XOXO, Michelle

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