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Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for the Alex and Ani Zodiac Sign Bracelet!!!  The luck winner of the giveaway is @melissahendershot ! She is a Pisces!  Melissa if you could please email us we will make sure to get your Pisces bracelet to you!  xoxo Chelle & SaraJane

pisces braclet

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I love a good ball workout! I have turned into a grandma since having my son with back problems and these stability ball exercises help alleviate the pain by giving my back support while still giving me the core workout that my back needs. The stability ball also gives your muscles more of a workout because your muscles fibers are more activated while trying to maintain stability. Here are some fantastic exercises to mix into your routine!

xoxo- Michelle & SaraJanefe64b1e97135363617cf0a669a5b4421imagesc8571576f216ab32a507b93aba238840a503ae2f8851b48cf25cf021f61cb87519680d65a8c823f8d29a7bd358ceb206485fa67dde09087fe70ab946f21e720f78be8e1e403e05215bfdce6cf5611fa770c3250cccb0df3d4aa940070ab4a78044d40051dca2bab1444ea4e9688a9d027af93b5062aa6366562a34c1027d8fde06a737606560e0e223aba91e1470c6191c4671a58dbded707ef6fb02e974503f


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Last week I got to hang out with the cutest girls , Kristen @ms_krissycoco from and Brittany @theglitteringlife from!  We got to set up the cutest Teepee  and wear the cutest swimsuits ever and had the cutest flower crowns for our heads!!  We had so much fun on this hot summer day drinking cool drinks and eating our favorite berries!!

Teepee- Tnees Tpees @tnees_tpees

Swimsuits -Piper and Scoot @piperandscoot

Flower Crowns –  Miss Stevi Marie @missstevimarie

Photography – Ivy & Stone @ivyandstone

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It isn’t on the regular that my younger sister and I are both home in Texas at the same time Jillian is going into her sophmore year at Pepperdine, so much of her time is consumed with school and lots of practice. At 6’2 Jillian has always stuck out on and off the court.

Pepperdine Freshman year awards:

  • West Coast Conference All-Freshman team selection
  •  Started 15 matches at the libero position and four matches as an outside hitter
  •  Ranked seventh in the conference with 3.56 digs/set. That stat also ranks ninth in the program’s single season (rally scoring era only) record book
  •  Played in 88 total sets and 24 matches, Totaled 313 digs
  • Earned a double-double in her first collegiate start vs. Iona (8/31) with 11 kills and 11 digs
  •  Season-high kill total came at Pacific (10/10) with 19 kills

Shes kind of a bad A.


Want that slim , but toned bod? Increase your speed and power? This high intensity interval training workout with my sister, and starting Pepperdine volleyball play can give you all you need to reach those goals. This workout focuses on short, powerful bursts of activity followed by short rest periods. I use a similar workout method to get in shape. For Jillian to be in the best possible shap she needs this type of exercise because every match requires quick and powerful movements. You dont have to be a college volleyball athlete to benefit from this workout. Anyone and everyone should use this type of circuit training to build muscle and improve athletic mobility.

Block Jumps: 20 reps, 4 sets

These dont necessarily have to be on a sand volleyball court, you can do squat jumps at your gym or home. Although, adding the sand will create resistance when jumping, making it much more difficult.

starting posblock jump

Push ups 20 reps, 3 sets

If you’re at a park like us you can find the nearest bench, grass, or whatever flat surface you can find to get those arms tank top toned!


Squat Switches 15 reps, 3 sets

We made it a little more fun and alternated back and forth. You can go straight across without alternating sides and get the same benefits from the exercise, you may get a little more cardio in with the alternating.



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