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MAC- Morange

Chanel- Mystique

MAC- Candy Yum Yum

NYX- Hippie Chic

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Spend 10 minutes before your bedtime routine on refocusing your energy. Find a quite place in your home and focus on calming your mind. Leave all your worries and stresses at the door, allow your mind to drift to a happy place. Go through a few sun salutations, downward dog, warrior pose, or whatever stretches you need. If you need some assistance play calming music in the background.  Or just lay on your yoga mat and focus on breathing and the wonderful things you have to be grateful for!

2- Slather up

Lavender is a well known herb for calming and aiding in sleep. While SaraJane and I were in California recently we hadn’t slept for a couple days, we lathered ourselves in lavender oil and I think we may have knocked everyone in the house out with how strong the aroma was from our oil party. It works ya’ll! Lights out.

3- No Mo Electronics

The lights from our TV screens and phones tricks our mind into thinking it’s day time. So, make a cutoff time for watching TV and checking emails. I feel hypocritical writing this one because I’m the worst about not having my phone near me at all times, but I know it makes a difference. This is one I will be working on.

4- Go to the dark side

Our minds are powerful machines and constantly taking information in from our environments. As you are prepping for the nighttime dim the lights and let your mind and body prepare.

5- Avoid Diet C

I love my DC just as much as you, but I also know it is not good for me and my body loves me so much more when I’m not drinking it. If you have troubles sleeping, try only having your caffeine in the morning or before 2. This will give your body plenty of time to burn off the caffeine consumed.

Get those Zzz’s in, it’s good for you!

XOXO  - Chelle & SaraJane

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With summer just around the corner tank tops are in, arm jiggle is out! The arms can be the most difficult place to lose fat for many and it’s so important to remember to focus on lifting and toning rather than just cardio. While cardio is still so very important, you wont get the results you want without strength training! Go grab your weights! I bought 8lb. weights, 5lb. weights, and a large medicine ball from Target for only $29!! If it’s as hard for to get to the gym some days as it is for me then go make this purchase.

3 sets, 15 reps each, rotating exercises.

Exercise One:

Plank with Shoulder lifts- I love this exercise because it targets all the muscles. You should feel the muscles contracting in the biceps, triceps, and core(obliques, back, shoulders.) You can use your heaviest weight for this.

Advanced option- If you want to bring this to the next level after lifting on both sides go down to a push up.

Equipment: 10-15lb dumbbells, ( I wouldnt go heavier than 15 lbs. but do what works for you!)


Exercise Two:

Bicep curls and press- Hold two dumbbells at your side and perform a traditional curl. Once the dumbbells reach chest height continue to press upwards overhead while rotating your palms away from your body. Hold overhead for one second, slowly return to the bottom, and repeat.

Equipment: 10-15 lb weights


 Exercise Three:

Shoulder raises-Hold a 5 lb. dumbell in each hand, arms at side, palms in. Abs contracted and shoulder blades down. Raise arms up to side, until the elbows align with shoulders, elbows slightly bent. Lower arms to starting position and repeat.


Youre one step closer to being swimsuit ready!!

- Chelle & SaraJane

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