Its the most wonderful time of year! Heres some of my absolute favorite beauty products! I have used all of these throughout the years! Working in the Nordstrom cosmetics departments and doing makeup artistry for a few years I have tried it all and these have been my every day favorites! Everyone on your list will love them! Merry Christmas XOXO, Michelle

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A beauty collage from December 2017 featuring flat iron, blow dryer and Sachajuan. Browse and shop related looks.

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I have always been a little obsessive about having clear skin,  I wasn’t one of those girls genetically gifted with a perfect complexion. My skin was never TERRIBLE but I got breakouts and had my fair share of appointments to see our dermatologist. My family has always been religious about seeing a dermatologist after my dad had a cancerous mole on his arm removed that was diagnosed melanoma carcinoma. Thank goodness nothing aggressive came from it but it definitely has made us more aware of the importance of taking care of our skin and using SPF daily. I’ve had several people email me asking me what I recommend for skincare and makeup so here is my rundown and tagged below on my favorites!

I have used SO many different skin care lines, my skin is pretty sensitive and have had some serious allergic reactions! I  had a year of trying out new products so often and waking up looking like Shrek on a monthly basis.. I wish I had a photo for proof, my eyes would be completely swollen with one more than the other. Im very particular about what I put on my face now and all about using clean, high potency products. I haven’t had any issue for years and have had no more shrek moments! WOOP! I now use SCINCEAUTICALS and ARCONA. They are THE BEST! I have linked both websites that explain the benefits of these lines, they are organically made with the best ingredients and if you’re into smells, ARCONA smells heavenly!

“Born from decades of skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants,

our high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin.

Made in the USA, our clinical skincare is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons,and medi-spas for daily

homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures. We formulate to correct signs of aging,protect healthy skin,

and prevent future damage.” – SKINCEUTICALS

I think this was my first foundation purchased in high school and one that I always buy to this day! The coverage is light, has an SPF 30, and gives your skin the perfect dewy finish. If you like more coverage this is great underneath and you kill two birds, with SPF too! 

I always have 2-3 different foundations that I use depending on what Im doing. For more coverage that still feels breathable on the skin and gives the prettiest finish go for this new Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, I am obsessed with this one(the link would not work for here, but is tagged on liketoknowit sent to your email)! The person helping me at Nordstrom was wearing this and it looked so flawless that I switched the one I was leaning towards and bought this one, Im so happy I did. This might be a new favorite of mine! AND it has SPF 35. It comes in a compact with a sponge, which is fine to use but I prefer using my beauty blender.

Hope this was helpful, xoxo Michelle!



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Deciding on hair extensions is a commitment and can feel like an investment for many of us so taking special care of them is so important.  One of the key factors in getting extensions is the longeviety of them. I don’t want to spend that $300-500 on extensions only to see them look terrible after a couple months! I have definitely been the victim of bad hair extensions and it was primarily my own doing of not giving the best upkeep. So.. here are some helpful tips to giving you that gorgeous healthy looking hair with extensions!

1- BRUSH YOUR HAIR, you know how you brush your teeth each morning for hygiene? You need to also be brushing your hair as a regular upkeep kind of thing. Start from the bottom as you would, detangling this first and then move up. Be gentle. Pulling will cause breakage and can even pull out the extensions. I recommend the “WET BRUSH“!

2-  WASH WITH CARE, handle your extensions with care when washing. That means using good quality shampoos and conditions. I love R&CO/ORIBE/KEVIN MURPHY

3- LEAVE IN CONDITIONER, A nourishing leave in conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your maintenance routine. Spray it on after you get out of the shower and work your brush in the same downward motion.

4- TIE BACK OR IN BRAID, this is helpful in keeping the extensions from tangling when your sleeping or if you go swimming. I would recommend putting a swimming cap on if going into chlorinated water or salt water! I recked my extensions from beach water(twice! eek)

5-BE INFORMED ON THE TYPE OF EXTENSIONS, are they synthetic or human hair? For maintenance this is really important! With human hair you can color, straighten, curl. While synthetic typically aren’t capable in doing these. Some synthetic extensions can be styled using heat but generally not the case! I always encourage people to go with human hair as it looks more natural and you have more options.

6-DONT USE ALCOHOL PRODUCTS, you shouldn’t use this on your natural hair anyway but especially for extensions because the products will dry them out and cause them to tangle more.

Hope these few little tips and tricks help you out! XOXO, Michelle

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