The Girls Behind Burn It Beauty

Our hopes are that people come to ‘Burn It Beauty’ feeling inspired with our everyday, simple styles that every girl can wear and to take that step to live healthier lives. Or for those already on track but just need that extra motivation, we hope we can provide that! We take pride in the products we wear and use on our social media and only promote things that reflect us! 


Michelle Maxfield

I grew up in Friendswood, TX and still have a hard time not calling that my home but have been a Utah resident now for 10 years and have really grown to love it! I grew up dancing with the Houston Ballet and played basketball throughout my life. I love all the outdoor activities Utah has to offer and enjoy hiking, biking, yoga, and really anything that keeps me moving! Lover of traveling, beaches, cold diet coke, pizza, and pedicures! Im recently married to the man of my dreams and so excited for our life together! I have a little boy named Jameson who brings so much joy and excitement to our lives, and are welcoming a baby girl in November!! We can’t wait!!



Sara Jane Warner 

Most definitely a yellow personality that wants to live life to the fullest! Exercise has always played a huge role in my life! I was born and raised in Utah and love to do all the outside activities that Utah has to offer. Travel is one of my favorite hobbies and I love to visit new places and see how people in other countries live their lives. I have been in the Beauty industry for many years I am obsessed with any beauty product I can get my hands on!! My favorite hair product line is Kevin Murphy and my favorite cosmetic line is Bare Minerals. I also have a son named Nixon and married to the sweetest man for the last 10 years!